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Sunday, 05 September 2010 14:29



Copyright (c) 2001 by Mark Zellner, Jon Alfrey, Jerry Martin, and Doug Perry


Performing Rights Society: ASCAP


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You creep through the night like a maggot in pain,

I know you'd keep it all for yourself,

As long as you get what ever you want,

You don't care about anything else,



You think you're the keeper of everything,

Stealing the fire still burning hot,

Ripping dignity from all you meet,

Keeping secrets is all that you've got,


You think we don't know you're hiding,

The lies have been thrown about,

Think you're better than the rest of us,

The shit will fly when it all comes out,


The stories of how you treat us,

Living like this sets the tone,

Empty threats you give every day,

Your big secret about to be known,


You tell your lies and get in deeper,

We know more than you think,

The starvation growing wider and wider,

They eat your lunch in a blink,



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