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Copyright (c) 2001 by Mark Zellner, Jon Alfrey, Jerry Martin, and Doug Perry


Performing Rights Society: ASCAP


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Fight the dreams and visions in your mind,

Let go of the nightmares before you're out of time,

Through the darkness, scared, alone you run,

Lonely lost soul, it's always been for fun,


You want to surrender, but keep closing your eyes,

You want to love, but lived too many lies,

The beer, the booze, the night moved on,

You're still alone at the crack of dawn,


Rough and tough thats what the world will see,

Cold and hard, but you can't trick me,

Run and hide, you know it's all untrue,

Wild and free, take a look at you,


Reach for me, as I reach for you,

Don't push it away, it's nothing new,

I'm still around to ease your fear,

Chasing the dark away from here,


Stop the shadow walk that you endure,

Take a stand when the world is unsure,

I understand the darkness that lies beyond,

Together we see new light at the crack of dawn,


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